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3 Ways You Can Make Homemade Cooking Stock

These days, we can get so busy with our daily routines that we barely have time to enjoy a proper meal. With fast food chains in every corner and in-between spaces, it's difficult for some of us to resist the temptation of quick fix to avoid the hassle of cooking at home. The problem with this lifestyle is that it may have a huge impact on our health. By not preparing homemade food, we are more exposed to artificial ingredients that may cause adverse effects on our wellbeing. A magic bullet to help get meals going faster is having home made stock on hand throughout the week. 

Photo by Navada Ra from Pexels


In this post I want to help you get back into shape and improve your quality of life with just doing at least one healthy activity every day - cooking! Here are 3 easy steps on how you can make your own cooking stock right at home:

  1. One of the best things about cooking stock is that it requires very little preparation. You just have to chop vegetables and place them in a pot filled with aromatics, meat, and fish bones. Then, add water until everything is covered by at least one inch.
  2. Slowly simmer for two hours or until the stock has reduced by half. Do not forget to check on it every now and then in order to distribute the heat evenly. Add more water when needed.
  3. The cooking time will depend on how much you're planning to make after straining and cooling down your homemade cooking stock in a container. You can even freeze the stock in order to maintain its freshness for a longer time.

By following these easy steps, you will be able to benefit from homemade cooking stock that is not only healthier but also much tastier than any other commercial product out there.

cooking stock
Photo by jenvit keiwalinsarid from Pexels

When it comes to your health, no one can say what is best for you except for you. But, if you are someone who has issues like food allergies or any other condition that requires special attention when choosing the right diet for yourself, then cooking stock may be the answer you've always been looking for! Not only will this homemade cooking stock help you improve your wellbeing, but it will also make cooking fun for easy dinner recipes when combining with Chilau Flavor Base.

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