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7 Tips for Choosing the Right Soup for your Fall Menu

As the weather turns cooler and the leaves begin to change, soup becomes an increasingly popular dish on menus, especially during the fall. However, deciding on what recipe to make is the hardest challenge when you want something new. Here are some tips to help you explore new soup recipes that can spice things up.

Soup is a great way to use leftover roasted vegetables and meats. A few quick purees can come together with little effort for an easy-to-make, hearty dish perfect for weekday dinners or entertaining guests. Taking some time to explore new flavors can help you create a soup that not only tastes great but also looks amazing on the dinner table.

10 tips choosing the right soup for your fall menu

1 - Adding ingredients like coconut milk, cream of mushroom soup, or flavorful pastes can introduce new flavors that your family may not expect, but will love.

 Bean Chili Soup

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

2 - When working to create new dishes for your fall menu, try adding some spices and herbs that add bright colors without overpowering the flavor like, turmeric, annatto and paprika. Other seasonal spices like Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and thyme can all be used in different ways to transform traditional recipes into something unexpected.

3 - Incorporating different types of vegetables can broaden your soup offerings and have guests coming back for more. One great fall item is the squash family, from pumpkin to butternut. My personal favorite is spaghetti squash! 

4 - For a quick season-appropriate dish that doesn’t require too much work, utilize store-bought broth and cook pre-made noodles. This way you can have a hearty made soup ready in time for lunch in just minutes. A splash of Chilau Flavor Base will add just the right kick! 

noodle soup in broth

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels

5 - As the seasons change, so do people’s tastes and preferences. Some items that were popular during spring and summer may not be preferred when the temperatures drop. Select chile peppers can give your soup a subtle warmth without becoming too spicy, like chipotle or ancho chile powder. 

6 - Soup can be a great way to use left overs to avoid food waste. Save your "odds and ends" - vegetables with their tops cut off or leftover chicken meat, for example - in the freezer until you have enough of them to make a hearty soup.

Soup with meat and noodles

Photo by Cats Coming from Pexels

 7 - One of the most important steps in creating a new soup recipe is tasting as you go, especially when you’re making changes. Adding extra sour cream or sesame oil doesn’t mean much on paper, but can make all the difference in the end result.


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1 comment

  • Great ideas for my favorite fall dish, soup!
    Really love the tip to puree leftover vegetables, and the descriptions of spice pastes!
    Going to be a delicious autumn!😋

    Anna Felkins

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